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Living Paper—Curatorial Statement, Galerie du Monde, 2024 [pdf]

A Tribute to Chu Hing Wah—Introduction by Curator, The Ink Society, 2023 [pdf]

Pop Rock, Alisan Fine Arts, 2021 [pdf]

Collectors World: Pop Rock, Arts of Asia, Autumn 2021 [pdf]

A Tribute to Ding Yanyong—Introduction by Curator, The Ink Society, 2021 [pdf]

A Tribute to Luis Chan—Introduction by Curator, The Ink Society, 2020 [pdf]

A Tribute to Irene Chou—Introduction by Curator, The Ink Society, 2019 [pdf]

Introduction—Morita Shiryu, Ruyi149 Gallery, 2019

Zheng Chongbin: Layering Views, Ruyi149 Gallery, 2019 [pdf


Akiko Yamazaki and Jerry Yang: Understated Visionaries, ArtAsiaPacific, October 2018 [pdf]

A Tribute to Lui Shou-kwan—Introduction by Curator, The Ink Society, 2018 [pdf]

A Tribute to Liu Kuo-sung—Introduction by Curator, The Ink Society, 2017 [pdf]

Lines of Resolve—Hung Fai & Wai Pong-yu, Grotto Fine Art, 2017 [pdf]

Hong Kong's Ink-lings: Four Millennials to Watch, Orientations, May/June 2017 [pdf

Li Jin: Stroke of Insight, ArtAsiaPacific, May/June 2017 [pdf]

The Art of Wu Yi, Kwai Fung Hin, 2017

條通往無形的道路 - 秦艾的水墨近作 (Passage to the Invisible: The Recent Ink Paintings of Qin Ai), Today Art Museum, 2015

A Spirit in the Dark: Zheng Chongbin, Wall Street Journal, 11 March 2015 [view online / pdf

Contemporary Chinese ink paintings: The dawn of a Rock Renaissance, Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, September 2014 [view online]

Let Ink be My Immortality—Ink Paintings by the Master of the Water, Pine and Stone Retreat, An Art Space, 2014

Iluminations—Cai Xiaosong, Plum Blossoms Gallery, 2014


Meditations in Nature—New Ink, Ben Brown Fine Arts, 2014


Crazy for Painting, Crazy for Tea—Luo Jianwu, Plum Blossoms Gallery, 2014

Fung Ming Chip: Rewriting the Art of Calligraphy, Wall Street Journal, 4 November 2013 [view online / pdf

The Dawn of a Rock Renaissance, Wall Street Journal, 7 March 2012 [view online / pdf




Liu Kuo-sung: Experimentation as Method, at National Gallery Singapore, Orientations,  January/February 2024 [pdf]

The Weight of Lightness, at M+, Hong Kong, ArtAsiaPacific, March/April 2018 [pdf]

Yang Jiechang: This is Still Bird and Flower Paintingat Alisan Fine Arts, ArtAsiaPacific, 2017

The Secret Garden, at Liang Yi Museum, Orientations, 2016 

Yan Pei-Ming: It Takes a Lifetime to Become Young, at Massimo de Carlo, ArtAsiaPacific, 2016 

Fung Ming Chip, at Galerie du Monde, ArtAsiaPacific, 2015

A Legacy of Ink: Lui Shou-kwan 40 Years On, at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, ArtAsiaPacific, July/August 2015 [pdf]

Two Generations: Ink Art by Peng Xiancheng & Peng Wei, at Sotheby's Hong Kong Gallery, ArtAsiaPacific, 2015


Tai Xiangzhou: Celestial Tales, at Paul Kasmin Gallery, ArtAsiaPacific, 2015

Tai Xiangzhou: Knowing Heaven and Earth through Observation, at Leal Senado Building, SCMP, 5 August 2014 [view online]


Interview with Fong Chung-Ray, ArtAsiaPacific, 2018 [view online]

Interview with Wang Tiande, ArtAsiaPacific, 2018 [view online]

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